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Role of Terracotta Tiles in Architectural Building Construction.

  • May 21, 2021

Building material signifies structural existence. It demonstrates the presence of aesthetic sense in a design, and hence, defines the practicability of the structure. The use of building material(s)while designing a structure is symbolic of its existence in the field of architectural visualization. It helps establish a relationship between the visual quality and structural stability in architecture. The building material selected by an architect.

The elements of a building structure are typically based on the kind of material used in its construction. Each and every division of space in a design takes into account the main theme or concept of the structure. Depending upon the building material(s), each element of the building is related to the other in terms of the concepts of colour, dressing and outlook. The materials used for an element also, quite often, contribute to its terminology. These materials bring out the theme and concept of the design

Role of Natural Terracotta tiles

Terracotta was made by the ancient Greeks, Babylonians, ancient Egyptians, Romans, Chinese, and the Indus River Valley and Native American cultures. It was used for roof tiles, medallions, statues, capitals and other small architectural details.

Indian terracotta manufacturers hand pressed, poured, and double-molded the clay mix. Plaster casts have been found in several ancient sites in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India and Pakistan.

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